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Grimm Season 1 Episode 13 Three Coins in a Fuchsbau

The 3 creatures rob the jewelry shop, the shop owner try to hide Three Coins from them.

Once they back to their place, they can’t find 3 coins in the items they get, one of them go back to jewelry shop. 2 of them are killed by another creature “Kolt”

Nick see one of them at crime scene, he trace his car and get their place. Nick check at forensic, they found Three Coins in victim’s body. Hank keep them on himself.

Police and Nick go to the creature place, they found 2 creatures. One is running, they can cache Kolt.

Captain ask Hank to hand him the coins, seem coins make Hank act strange, he wants those coins. Nick question the guy “Kolt” . He said he come for Grimm, Nick ask him to tell him about the coins.

Kolt tell story to him that the coins make bad effect on people, one who hold them not end well.

They search Kolt’s room at the hotel, they found some old letter and film. Kolt is his aunt fiance, he said the one of creature kill his parent to get the coins.

A creature know that captain has the coins, he plan to get coins from captain, Nick and Hank come on time to help. but Kolt take a chance and get the coins.

Nick wait him at his room and cache him while he’s back for his film, he get the coins.