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Grimm Season 1 Episode 12 Last Grimm Standing

While old couple is cooking in house, wife heard some noise she ask her husband to go to look. He’s back standing at door, bleed and die. It come to kill her too, but later it’s captured by group of men.

Next day Nick and police found their body, they found print belong to Dimitri. They go to see his parole officer, he told them that he worked with his uncle.

Nick go to see his uncle work place, he see his friend transform. He show them where Dimitri might go to run.

While police found Dimitri’s car, his car is disband. Nick notice someone nearby, he following him to building. They found medieval weapon in building. Look like there is a fight in ring continue until only one left standing.

Dimitri’s friend is also kidnapped while running. Seem the kidnap is part of conspiracy between Nick’s captain and Mystery Organization.

Monroe tell Nick that there is mystery gladiator fighting running between the creature. Monroe try to get to the fighting for help investigation, he’s asked to wait at the place. He’s standing there until someone knock him.

He is kidnapped and bring to the fighting. Nick stop one of the member and ask about place while he trying to ditch Monroe’s car.

Nick come to the place, but Monroe is fighting now. Nick try to stop but it’s not work they will release him when last man standing. Nick offer himself to fight with Monroe. Nick and Monroe could beat Dimitri down, but they won’t let him go.

Fortunately police come in time arrest them all before they get killed.