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Haven Season 1 Episode 6 Fur

In his car, a man is killed by Fur creature at Haven hunt club, Audrey and Nathan go to check the scene.

Apparently the victim has argue with Brad, both of them is friend of Nathan’s father.

And both of them fight over one girl, but later Brad is killed by fur creature in his house too.

They go to question Jess, people said she is a witch. She show them a tomb for all animal hunt by them.

Next day the chief is making hunt down this wolf, they sweep the wood with many people.

While they are in wood sweep, they are attacked by stuff doll moose. Audrey think it’s Jess, they go to back to see her.

At the club, they found one of the stuff animal has a blood. look like it’s the one kill victim. Audrey thinks the stuff animal go back to kill one who kill them.

The fur bear is attacking 2 guys who kill it, Audrey and Nathan comes and burn it. They said all stuff are done by Landon, they go to see him.

His mother try to attack at them but she miss and cut Landon, he’s stuff too. He go off to destroy all stuff, they following him to the club.

His mother tell them that they are awaking, she get in the room alone. She’s killed by them, Audrey found that she is stuff too.