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Grimm Season 1 Episode 11 Tarantella

In Grimm Season 1 Episode 11 Tarantella, An artist is in his opening gallery, he see an attractive girl in the gallery. He following her and seduce her to his apartment.

Once he try to rape her, she suddenly changed to Tarantella. She put something inside him.

Police found his body in next day. Another man body is found again by maid, Police found that every 5 years she has to kill 3 people.

Monroe take Nick to see Charlotte, she told her that if she didn’t kill again she will look like her.. old.

They get call from school, they found victim’s watch. One of student steal it from his father. They found her while capture her husband. Nick also see she transform. They can match the print from her house and crime scenes.

Nick and police can’t find her at home, they found her at the port. She is trying to kill another man, but police is there. She attack Nick but failed and she fail and trap by the net.