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Grimm Season 1 Episode 10 Organ Grinder

Steven and Kevin they are street kids. They try to running away from geier, but Steven fell in the river and died. His organ like eye is eaten by crow.

Nick and police found him at the end for river, his blood is drained. They trace him back to his PO box, they met some kid that recognize him.

The kid point them to the plaza, they met the another kids. They said Steven get the job, probably they pick him up.

They told him that he usually at the clinic, they go there and ask to manager. Before he missing, the doctor have seen Steven.

In same time there is an accident happen, the victim transform to geier. In his car has a lot of organ and blood. Monroe tell Nick that that guy might be in the organ business.

He tell him there is a place sell this organ staff, Nick get the staff from the shop. After it analyze it come from human, Nick is go to the shop and get number to contact the Geier.

After check Nick get the address from the number, they with police go to the address. They found a lot of organ take out from human body.

They can trace them back to the clinic again, but nobody working there.  They trace back the their hideout, they are going to kill the girl at plaza.

Before girl is killed, Nick and police go there on time, and rescue the rest on kids.