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Haven Season 1 Episode 4 Consumed

Now Audrey is consumed by wants to know the truth, she try to find who is Lucy, Duke ask her to check the farmer market.

She go there and get strange incident, all things in market is rodent.

Nathan and Audrey go to check on many farms, the crop, eggs are rodent. They found some acid on theirs, some kids after eat ice cream is sick too. They go to check on ice cream shop, all ice cream are bad, their cows are dead like consumed by black fluid.

Nathan think may be McShaw will know something, all of his supplier are all those farm, shop. They go to check the restaurant, at there all their supply are bad too.

At restaurant they met Meg , Geoff and Bill. They have some tension, Duke come to bring them supply.

While they leave restuarant, the birds are drop dead, one of the employee said that Meg has problem with Geoff.

Audrey go check on Meg, she got her plant rodent too. Nathan go to see hot dog guy, seem he’s clean.

Audrey and Nathan go to Geoff restaurant. Seem tension between Geoff and Bill are more because Geoff has back deal without him.

All foods in restaurant are gone bad suddenly, after incident Geoff want to leave the town.

He’s dead next day, along with a lot of fish in sea. Audrey go to ask Duke about Geoff and Bill relation.

Audrey try to provoke Geoff, while he eat his food. Once he upset while he eat, the things he eat will become consumed by rodent.

Audrey think that Geoff is killed by his assistant. She put something he’s allergic in his food. She didn’t want him to die.