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Doctor Who Season 8 Episode 8 Mummy On The Orient Express

An old lady see the terrify mummy in dinning car on Oriental Express train, it come to kill her.

During the way on vacation, Doctor and Clara go on board this train, they heard about dead old lady. He go to investigate what’s going on, Clara met Maisei who going to see old lady body.

They heard a myth talk about Mummy, it will kill people within 66 seconds and see nobody can escape. In meantime staff in kitchen is killed again and dead in 66 seconds.

Some how Clara and Maisei stuck in carriage with the coffin. Doctor try to get them out, while mummy get out the coffin and kill train officer.

Actually this train is a trap to capture all scientific in the lab, it threat them to work to identify the mummy otherwise will get killed.

Finally Doctor understand, the mummy is a dead solider run by old technology, he manage to stop him but the air is suck out of train. He manage to teleport everyone out of the blew train.