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Grimm Season 1 Episode 8 Game Ogre

One night a state judge is beat to dead by ogre in his house,  Hank check all his recent case, but nothing suspicious.

They got the print from victim house, they follow it to navy house. But he’s dead for a while, his hand cut that explain the print .

Nick go to ask Monroe for about old watch found on navy body, they found that the last owner is the assisted DA.

When Hank found her body in her house, he realize that who is the killer. Stark is the hit man, he escaped from prison few years ago. He killed all judge, DA for sentenced him. He will going to kill Hank who capture him.

Stark explode his car and kidnap old woman. He try to lure Hank at the scene, but captain stop him to go. Stark see only Nick not Hank.

He following Nick to his house and attack him,  he ask Hank address from him. He beaten him badly but his girlfriend come and interrupt them. They could chase away him.

While Nick attend in hospital, he tell Monroe about the ogre. Hank is very upset, they want to setup the trap to lure Stark.

Nick wants Monroe to his trailer to get the weapon that can kill ogre. Stark following Nick to his hospital, Hank is there too. He go to visit Nick.

He confess to Nick that during Stark’s trial, he intend to lost evidence. Hank leave hospital to find Stark, Monroe see them leaving.

He following them to old factory with the weapon, Hank is facing Stark. When Stark almost kill Hank, Monroe shot him dead.