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Constantine Season 1 Episode 2 The Darkness Beneath

One of the miner Lannis after come back from work, killed by darkness fire from his shower. John go to their town to investigate, he bump in to strange artist “Zed” who draw his picture before met him.

The Miners heard the knocking in the mine, but they afraid to say. John go to check in the mine and he heard the knock too.

At the funeral, John found that his company hide something. He back to hotel and found Zed waiting him. Zed has a gift to see vision, John use her to see the another tail and ditch her.

At the church, he see something lurking. John go to check about Mine collapse when he talk to one of miner, they get attack with mud and almost drown him.

While John and Zed suspect that probably it’s because of old priest, they go to check him at campground.

At night Mine’s owner and his son go to check the mine, and get attack by earth spirit protector, John convince it to leave. He destroy the mine so he’s sure that nobody go to disturb it again.

Lennis’s wife attack john with mud, apparently she is the gypsy who can summon them. At the end she is killed by her dead husband.