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Grimm Season 1 Episode 6 The Three Bad Wolf (s)

At one night, a man lucky away from big blast of his house,  while investigate the scene Nick see his face turn to a wolf.

Nick question him, he found his brother is blow up too, Monrole come to see him look like they are friend. Nick ask Monrole to keep an eye on him.

Nick found an evidence, look like both of their gas tube is destroy and it cause the explosion.

Nick go to check on him again, he is attacked by his sister. Nick tell them that look like some body after his insurance, he suspect may be it’s his sister.

Nick go to check on her house to find the evidence, he bump on another  person. In the morning he’s shot to dead by another person at front of the door.

Hank question her at police station. But she refused, there is no evidence could tied her.

But Nick think may be next victim is her, Monroe try to convinced her but she won’t listen.

Hank found out that the same arson investigator investigate of both his family, so that’s why they can’t find any evidence. His sister figure out that too and going try to revenge on him.

The arson investigator sneak on Monrole, threaten him to tell her that now it’s even. Nick go to his house and found him take a bath.

Suddenly his sister show up and try to kill him, Nick could chase away her. but she is shot by arson investigator.