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Grimm Season 1 Episode 5 Danse Macabre

Retchid Kat is very famous DJ at Danse club, in one night while Music teacher of one of his fan club is go back home, he’s attack by the rat. They eat him alive in his car, he found dead in the morning.

Nick check on his students, they said that one of his student “Roddie” has dad open the pet control.

Nick go to check on them at home, Nick see his father transform. They think Grimm try to kill them, so they start to run.

They only release Roddie, they found evidence in the rat it link to music school. Roddie go to one of the student house, their parent is very upset and blame to police.

Nick is worry about Roddie, he ask Monroe to talk to him. Later Roddie get call from jail, his father is attacked. He is very upset, he is releasing all his rat.

Nick found that the rat in the previous crime was in one of the student SUV. They get warrant to search his car but it’s too late they are at Retchid Kat club

As Roddie is Retchid Kat, he plant the rat at the club, and lure students there. Nick come on time before Roddie hurt them with rats.

Fortunately nobody get hurts, the students confess that they put the rats to scare professor and try to blame Roddie, but it go wrong the didn’t want to hurt anyone.