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Forever Season 1 Episode 6 The Frustrating Thing About Psychopaths

In one night, while Marry is going back home, she is grabbed from street by a psychopath. Her heart is send in package to the police.

Henry is request to invesitgate, he can’t find anything about murderer, they go to last place she was found.

They trace back to the meat shop and found her body. Henry realize that the murderer try to repeat jack the ripper. He get the call from mystery man, he knows the current crime situation.

Henry ask Abe to contact the frenchman to get the client name, he believe the killer must use antique knife that must use the antique dealer.

He found that the psychopaths killer probably get the info from internet, because he make a mistake. When they go to check at a library, they found suspicious writer.

He write about murderer comic book, with sophisticate details, and seem some fan following his book and commit the crime.

They found another body, this time killer copy the Boston strangle.  Henry found a leaf near the body, it’s not suppose to near there but in Brooklyn.

They found a fan in Brooklyn, they get a kid who suspicious typing in fan blog. He refuse everything, Henry tried to found the evidence link the weapon and the kid.

He go to see the frenchman for help, Henry is attacked by a killer. The killer is trying to kill the  frenchman too. Henry fight him until they fell off the ladder, Henry can’t move his body.

While killer’s leaving, Martinez following to there. Killer try to shot her but she shot him dead. Henry is help by mystery man by kill him so he doesn’t see by Martinez