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Grimm Season 1 Episode 4 Lonely hearts

One night a lonely woman is running off and get a car accident. She’s not dead yet, but she’s killed by another mystery man.

After the autopsy, Nick found that she is not die from accident. They go to check on her husband, he doesn’t know that she’s killed.

They found her blog, she is at some hotel before she end up lonely dead on the bridge.

Nick go to the hotel to check, he see that the hotel’s owner is not human. he’s “Blue beard” they like to trick the lonely woman.

Nick go to Blutbaden, he said the “Blue beard” is not dangerous. They found that a lot of woman is missing in many years, after they found they are all pregnant. But they don’t remember anything about their capture.

They following the hotel’s owner, Nick following him lonely to the bar. His partner break in to the house and found the hidden floor. He’s inhale the gas and he’s unconscious but he see a captured woman.

After the bar “Blue beard” is heading home, Nick try to warn his partner but no answer. The girl “Blue beard” is met at the bar, following him to the hotel.

Nick chase her out, and he found his partner wake up at the base of hotel. Blue beard release the gas and trap them down while he is running.

Nick found him on the bridge with the girl from the bar, while he’s running he get hit by a car.