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Gotham Season 1 Episode 5 Viper

Bruce wayne is trying to find the connection between Arkham and his parent murder.

While a guitar man is playing on street, he get the Viper drug from unknown, after he took it. He has strange power, he beat the shop owner down.

At lunch, Gordon is chasing after Cat while she pick pocket. He found the shop owner, he tell them that he just pull out the ATM machine with his hand.

When Gordon track down the guitar man, he is in bad shape. while he try to thrown the ATM machine to them, his drug is wear off. it fell on him and he’s dead.

The unknown guy give the Viper drug to every one on street, that make the chaos in the city.

Police takes the people who take Viper, they all die after take them with their super power.

Penguin try offer the help to Maroni to get in the casino, but instead Maroni want Gordon to confirm his story.

Police found that the unknown guy is the employee of pharmacy company. He upset the company and try to put the blame on it.

Gordon found his connection, he go to Gotham University to see unknown guy’s professor. Apparently unknown guy is building the weapon, they plan to take down the company.

They plan to attack them at the charity ball which company host it, while Bruce is also  at the ball. He wants to speak with the board member, but none of them there.

When the unknown guy wants to release viper at the ball, Gordon come on time and stop him. He ask them to check on warehouse 39. Gordon go there but nothing found.