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Bones Season 10 Episode 6 The Lost Love in the Foreign Land

Arastoo and Cam date together, he found that his mother send her the Foreign receipt. When he told her it’s for wedding, Cam is avoiding.

They have a female victim at goat farm, seem she died because bled out. They found some jeweryl like she stole them from Mrs. Sin.

They found that the victim name is Min yung, she is Mrs. sin’s maid. she hired her from Mr. Lee. He give Booth the list, he said there is some client is hitting on his maid.

After check the found that  Min yung is so poor so she has to live in cave. When they follow her trail to the cave, they found Lee in house. In that house they found a lot of female asian underground.

After they interview to these female, they found the Lee is hit them and threaten their family. They found the Min yung after her father’s murdered, but seem she is killed by him.

Once Booth cache Min yung father’s murdered, he said the she is going to marriage him. He killed him, because her father ‘s selling her.

Actually Sandra sin is the owner of company who import the Chinese migrant, and employ Lee.  Arastoo found the cause of dead, and Bone found the murder weapon.

That murder weapon is belong to Min yung’s friend, because Min yung is going out to fund her boyfriend. but if Lee cache, all of them will be beaten. so she kill her to stop her.