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Arrows Season 3 Episode 5 The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak

One day Ray is visiting Felicity at her home, he wants she to works on something. but Her mom is visit her.

In past 2 hackers (Felicity and Cooper) try to hack in to Education department, Cooper try to erase the student loan. Felicity could stop him before done, Cooper is arrested.

Thea use Malcom’s money to rent the big apartment, but Olivier don’t agree. Later that all city is attack by virus, the electricity is down. There is broadcast about “brother eye”, they said they control the city electric, they will empty all bank.

Felicity bring her mom to the night club, they met Olivier, Diggle. They distract her with diggle ‘s baby while they are tracking “brother eye”

There is an riot occur at the bank in city, Olivier head to help. Felicity found that virus that attack city is built by her 5 years ago. she thinks that it’s Cooper’s roommate who spread virus. Olivier go to check him but seem he’s clean.  Olivier thought it’s Felicity’s boyfriend, but she said he’s dead.

She run to her mother and they have a big fight and her mother left. Olivier ask her to talk to her mother.

Felicity found the why her mother is here, is not normal. They are kidnapped by her’s boy friend the leader of “brother eye”, he worked with NSA while his fake death, he is upset her because she’s working with corporate. he wants her to hack in Treasury to reroute the money to there.

Felicity could send SMS to call Olivier, he come on time before he try to kill her. They stop the attack to armor and she knock down Cooper with her hand.

Thea invite Olivier to stay with her new apartment.