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The Flash Season 1 Episode 4 Going Rogue

In The Flash Season 1 Episode 3 Rogue, let’s see how Barry use his day off for the fastest man, he is practice his speed by use it as normal like play chess, ping-pong or do lab’s test at same time.

The armor truck is robbed by Snart, Barry in his rogue body, go stop them. one of guard is shot to dead, and Snart is escape. Barry is very upset that he ‘s not fast enough to save him.

Snart get the frozen gun from theif of S.T.A.R. lab.  This is Cisco’s gun he build to opposite the speed. Snart’s going to steal the diamond at musuem. Joe is identify him and chasing him. during the chasing he almost get fired, but Barry come to help. He get shot by his gun, it can  hurt him. before Snart leave, he killed a guard again.

Snart go to musuem again, after he get the diamond. he lure Barry to the train station. Once  Barry confront him in the train, Snart fire the gun to train. The train is derail, while Barry is busy help the the other passenger. Snart sneak and hit on him, while Barry is in critical. His team from STAR lab come to help and could chase him away.