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Supernatural Season 10 Episode 2 Reichenbach

In Supernatural Season 10 Episode 2 Reichenbach, Cole is the hunter who kidnap Sam. His father is killed by Dean years ago, so after that he try to revenge Dean. He trick Sam to escape so he could follow him to find Dean.

Sam could escape from Cole, he call Cass to go to see Dean. but on the way Cass is sleep over while drive, he almost get killed by truck.

Crowley want Dean to work for him, he ask Dean to kill wife of Lester. He make a deal with demon to get rid her.  Dean go there but instead kill her, he kill Lester. This make Crowley upset, they have a fight and finally broke up.

Hannah go to Heaven to see Metatron, try to get Cass’s Grace back, exchange with his freedom. But Cass is refused her to do it.

Crowley sell out Dean to Sam, he tell Sam where he’s, Sam try to convince Dean, But Dean refuse to go back with Sam. Cole is show up and fighting with Dean, he show Cole that he’s a demon. He win but he didn’t kill Cole again.

While Dean is not carefully, Sam can lock him up. Sam give away the kain’s knife to Crowley. He think this will help Dean to calm down.