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American Horror Story Season 1 Episode 4 Halloween (Part 1)

Chad and Patrick lives together, they are having problem with trust issue. Chad suspect that  Patrick has an affair with his trainer.  Chad is carving pumpkin for Halloween, he see strange man in leather suit. He through that he’s Patrick, but he’s not. That man snap his neck, while Patrick stand there and see them.

Harmon and Vivian wants to sell this house ASAP, the broker suggest them to hire fluffier to make their house look good on market. Specialty with Halloween coming event, she said she will introduce the gay couple to them.

At Marcy’s kitchen, Travis is flirting with Addy. Her mother is a bit jealous, Addy wants to dress as pretty girl, but her mother wants her as snoopy.

Larry come to see Harmon and threat him about secret. Harmon chase him out. He has session  with hits patient Tate. he’s asking what he did in the night of break-in.

Vivian hire the security company to installed the security system in house.  She met Chad and Patrick at front of the house, Vivian thought that they are fluffier she invite them to work on Halloween.

Violet notice Addy under her bed, she come to see Violet to ask help on her costume, Violet help her on makeup. While Addy’s home, Marcy is very upset. Marcy gave her the pretty Doll’s mask.  Tate sneak on Violet to surprise her with his leather suit, and he invite her to play spirit board.

Tate tell Violet the truth about the basement, the doctor who lived here help girl to get rid the baby. One of girl’s boyfriend wants to revenge so he kill the doctor’s baby and send him the pieces. The doctor try to revive his son but instead he create monster. Tate said he’s still there in basement, Violent thinks Tate screw her.

From phone’s bill, Vivian found out  that Harmon call Hayden many times, she wants to know why. Harmon tell her that Hayden is over… his phone is ring, Hayden is calling.

Chad complain that Vivian and Harmon didn’t serious about Halloween, they have fight with Vivian. She ask them to leave, they don’t want until they see a leather suit man. They run away, Vivian has a pain like her baby kick. Harmon bring her to the hospital.

Addy’s while wear the Doll’s mask, she’s hit by a car while run across the street. At hospital while nurse scan her baby, she collapse. Violet heard the knock on the door, she see Larry is knocking. Harmon told her to lock the door, while they come back she’s missing. Harmon heard another knocking, he see Hayden there.