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The Originals Season 2 Episode 3 Every Mother’s Son

In morning, Esther send the invitation to her sons, she want to have dinner with them at their  home. Elijah is so worry, he go to see Marcel for a witch who can help.

In exchange Marcel want him to teach new born vampire, she take Elijah to the witch. Once they left, Finn take her to torture.

NiKlaus is looking for his necklace that he gave to Marcel, his mother give him to wear it to make him weak.

Hayley plan to get the witch, once Esther and Finn leave to dinner. The witch is casting spell that can make a mark when Esther jump to new body. Once spell done, Esther jump to the witch’s body escape from her sons.

She offer Hayley to have new life, so she can have her family. Once her sons arrive, she make a way to escape.

Esther tell her plan to Finn that she will destroy everything they have like werewolf clan, Marcel’s clan, Hayley. Once her son lost everything they will obey her and beg her to help.