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Grimm Season 1 Episode 17 Love Sick

Nick is try to find the lock for use the key, his love aunt gave to him before she died. But he found the print on his key mean something.

Nick’s captain “Sean” is kidnapped and take to see his cousin, they want to kill Nick or get his key. Sean disagree and kill his cousin along with his bodyguard.

Hank invite Nick to see his fiance “Adalind”, Nick is very surprise. He try to ask her to back off, but she won’t.

Nick and Hank are assigned to murder of 2 body, they found some evidence. Probably can identify the 3rd man, but Sean get rid of it. While Wu is pass out, seem he is sick because he eat a lot of strange object.

Rosaline tell him that Adalind may buy something from shop and put for Hank to eat. she finally found the thing that Adalind give to Hank to make he love her deeply.

She made the cure, and tried it on Wu.  It works well. Hank is going to Adalind place, Nick is following him.

They are too late, Hank is in coma. The only way to fix this he has to kill  Adalind. She want his key, she ask him to meet her in the wood.

Rosaline tell Nick that just kill her will not fix, he has to kill her with his blood. After Nick put his blood she lost all her power and become normal human.

Finally Nick found something like the map from the print of his key.